Are You Afraid to Feel Needy? 


Dear Beloved, 

Are you afraid to feel needy? 

During this intensely challenging time, you may have uncovered needs that were long buried. And that doesn’t feel good. But that is the exact moment where you can discover the value of this neediness. Rumi, the famous mystical Sufi poet said, “Don't rush to find a solution to your neediness; stay with it, acknowledge it, live with it, live it, become more and more needy, more and more thirsty.” 

How Fragile We Are

No matter how rich or poor, educated or ignorant, old or young, we are fragile beings. We have no control over so many things we depend on. We are small creatures in this multiverse. To recognize this fact is the key to discerning the proper relationship to the One Essence of Being: with humility and awe. Yet there’s more to this relationship, because ultimately it is an intimate relationship with the Beloved. And that’s where you learn to experience the love, guidance, protection and infinite favor the Divine wants to give you. 

In my Sufi Yoga classes and healings, I help my clients address the discomfort of anxious vulnerability and discover what’s on the other side of it. In releasing anxiety through my body, mind and spirit tools, I help clients discover a new relationship with their neediness. They see it as a portal to self-discovery of their deepest resources in the Divine within.

My Sufi guide asked this:

"Do you think you are a small star, while the whole universe is contained within you? So understand, my beloved, my refuge, that God blesses you, who are protected by the Everlasting, the Eternal Creator." --Music of the Soul, Page 223 Shaykh Muhammad Sai'd Al-Jamal

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