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    Testimonials from Happy Clients

    Healing the Body


    "I’m a professional entertainer and have been married for over thirty years. I do all I can to maintain my good health, but was told last week I could go blind in three months if my eyes were left untreated. When I shared the news with Elissa, I was in despair and we set up a healing session immediately that was an other-worldly experience. I felt as if I had left my body, as it was being re-arranged & transformed into harmonious balance on some other plane of existence. I received a clear message about the importance of my balancing the energy of my ego with the energy of the divine. After this extraordinary healing experience, I feel my spirit and body renewed and strengthened. I highly recommended Elissa Kerhulas, as I’ve experienced first-hand the tender and powerful gift of her healing."

    -Pamela Clay, Entertainer


    Healing the Body and Spirit


    “I came to Elissa because she got me terrific results before my cervical surgery. At that time my discs had fallen on my motor nerves causing mini strokes. I was in lot of pain but after Elissa performed a healing and many prayers, I was able to return home a few hours after that serious surgery. The doctor said it was a miracle that the replacement disc held. So when I broke my heel bone and was given a best case scenario of six months to heal, I wanted to do whatever might speed things up. A week prior, my doctor was unable to put me in a cast because the foot wouldn't go flat. That made having a cast impossible and would severely restrict my ability to walk. I would also have to undergo serious surgery.

    During the healing, I felt the session helped me deal with some root issues that might block my healing. After the session I felt really great throughout my body, mind and spirit. My doctor was astounded and said the difference from just week ago was amazing.

    Elissa is a truly great healer and beautiful person. I feel blessed to know her and can sincerely tell you from my experience if you have any reservations, just do it. The amount of money it costs is more than worth it because you can’t put a price on healing.” --- Kathy Close, Filmmaker


    "Elissa is an amazing Sufi yoga instructor. My best friend told me about it. I was hesitant at first because I do yoga/Pilates every morning myself I didn't think I needed this class. Attending the first Zoom class inspired me. Elissa has a very calming soothing way of directing yoga poses and chanting during the the practice. Sufi yoga teaches patience focus and concentration. I have had 3 classes with her so far after every class I come out calm clear mind and relaxed my muscles feel great for a few days after. I will continue to attend her Zoom classes. Her outdoor in person classes was amazing. I highly recommend Elissa Kerhulas.         --Gulpana M.


    Recovery After Divorce


    “Before I came to Elissa Amina, I was confused and devastated from a recent divorce. I had negative voices inside of me that I couldn’t control. I was feeling hopeless. But after doing healings with sister Amina, I started to connect with the Divine Love of God and also to connect to my deeper heart. I now feel so much more hope and can work through my pain. I have learned to do Sufi practices into that pain and negativity to release them. Now I approach my life with more compassion for myself and others. I now studying Sufi healing and exploring higher goals that I used to postpone. I am more content within myself spending time in nature, connecting to the beauty of God’s creation in the birds.”

    — Sarahi Silva, Business Owner


    Healing Trauma:


    “I came to Elissa Amina for Hijama, a spiritual healing session of wet cupping which resulted in me feeling so light, positive, energetic, and clear-headed. I was impressed with the results and started Sufi healing sessions on Zoom to address my issues with chronic anger, procrastination and anxiety. I also want to attract a loving relationship with the Divine as a Muslim.

    Since working with Elissa Amina, I have increased my self-awareness and made a lot of progress in resolving some heavy issues that have been around a long time. She offers a unique combination of divine guidance through dhikr (repetition of God's qualities) and practical advice through life coaching. I am always in awe of the choice of God’s Divine Name that she suggests for our session because it is always the perfect one. She says it is all by Allah, Mashallah.

    When I do the dhikr after our sessions, I see what needs to be healed, and I receive healing for it at the same time. I have accessed a different perspective on a relationship that has brought more understanding and love to it. I often have emotional release through dhikr. While I have had coaching and therapy that has helped me, the work I've done with Elissa Amina has a deeper spiritual effect. God’s guidance and forgiveness are more available to me so that I feel more peace, gratitude, and happiness in my life.” -- Salwa Dissi, Caregiver, Coach


    Loss of Loved One:

    "I had healings with Elissa Amina during a difficult time in my life. Not only did I have an identity crisis, but my father was extremely sick and passed away. Lost, scared, and confused, I turned to Elissa as my beacon of light. Fortunately, God graced me with this wonderful healer. Not only did she help me find a new name for myself, but she connected with my father’s spirit on the soul level and helped me communicate with him from the afterlife. Knowing that my Daddy loves me makes me feel very happy and blessed. If you want to improve yourself or improve your relationships with the people around you, Elissa is the one to talk to."

    -- Barakah Iqbal, Artist