How to Access Your Sacred Creative Healing Energy

Exploring your second chakra - Svadisthana Chakra and Creation

How to Access Your Sacred Creative Healing Energy

By Elissa Amina Kerhulas

What is it to be creative? How do we tap into the infinite resource of creativity through our connection to the Divine?

One way is to become aware of our creative potential which lies in our bodies. Our second chakra, “Svadisthana” chakra, is linked to our creative sexual energy and also our reproductive system. By learning to keep this chakra open and healthy through specific asana (groupings of poses), we can stay vital and youthful. We can also connect to the divine exponential creative force within us: our Kundalini energy.

In the next Sufi Yoga class, we’ll be exploring this chakra as well as how it relates to creation, creativity, passion, polarity and sacred sexuality. We will learn how to breathe to activate this chakra and channel the energy so we can choose to use it in the best way whether for healing, creativity or sexual communion with a partner. There are also poses to help keep this chakra, and related reproductive system, healthy and open to stay youthful and vital.

We will invoke the Sufi Divine Qualities of creation, to discover and activate new resources of power to envision and create our highest dreams. There are many qualities for creation within the 99 Names of God. Perhaps it is a sign that the Divine wants us to develop and master our creative potential within.

See you in class June 27.


Elissa Amina