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    Pure Heart, Pure Body, Pure Bliss

    Sufi Yoga and Healing

  • What is Sufi Yoga?


    Sufism is the science of direct knowledge of God. Yoga is also the science of pranayama (breath) asanas (poses) and meditation that invokes a direct experience of the Divine. Sufi Yoga is the union of the best of various styles of yoga and Sufi heart-opening practices to enhance your experience of the deep love and peace on a cellular level that you can apply to your daily living. Practicing self-inquiry and exploring Divine Names of God as we move through asanas (yoga poses) is the fastest way to experience the body as a divine instrument, allowing for physical ease and transcendence into the unseen worlds.


    Pure Heart: In the Sufi Way, the heart is the locus of all healing. You center your awareness on the heart to discover the places that are in pain and contracted. You then are invited to invoke prescribed Divine Qualities to open insight into to the voices, images and memories stored there that can cause mistaken beliefs that not only cause pain but limit our ability to live fully in Presence. We then purify these mistaken beliefs that veil us from the true reality of Oneness with God, or Divine Source.


    Pure Body: When Sufi’s take the Promise, the first promise is to take care of the body, which is a gift from God to be cherished. By practicing yogic and Sufi breathing practices, you clear out toxins, enhance energy, clear the mind and create the conditions for spiritual attunement. By stretching and strengthening your muscles and opening your joints, which also feeds your bones, you access the flow of prana (energy) that brings a joyful feeling of aliveness that permeates every cell of your body. Feeling good and looking good go hand in hand.


    Pure Bliss: Historically the Sufi’s and Yogi’s shared knowledge of their paths. That is why breathing and movement practices are similar. Both paths led to the goal of Oneness. Yoga means to yoke, or bring together in union. Yoga prepares the body to receive more Divine light and presence. The Sufi’s were mystics that wore simple garments made of wool (suf). They lived only to be in ecstasy with God. In Sufi Yoga, you learn to open your heart and experience your soul with the Remembrance of the Name and specific Divine Names. You experience that there is nothing but God, Divine Presence, Universal Life Force, Allah. All problems, limitations, painful experiences are vanquished in the experience of the Unity. You are in God. Then your life is a living song of mercy, compassion, love, freedom and justice.



    I Highly recommend Elissa Kerhulas - Gulpana M.

    "Elissa is an amazing Sufi yoga instructor. My best friend told me about it. I was hesitant at first because I do yoga/Pilates every morning myself I didn't think I needed this class. Attending the first Zoom class inspired me. Elissa has a very calming soothing way of directing yoga poses and chanting during the the practice. Sufi yoga teaches patience focus and concentration. I have had 3 classes with her so far after every class I come out calm clear mind and relaxed my muscles feel great for a few days after. I will continue to attend her Zoom classes. Her outdoor in person classes was amazing." -- Gulpana M.


    Zoom Group Classes $15

    Events: Sufi Yoga and Dance Workshop at Hollywood Beach

    Group Classes in Your Location. Contact Elissa Amina

    Private Sufi Yoga Sessions: $65 - New Student Special: $45 per session. SPECIAL: Four sessions for $225

    For more details on healing sessions, see below.


    (Also teaching at The Yoga Channel and Yoga By the Sea, Oxnard, California)


    “The garden of love is limitless and holds more fruits than sorrow and joy.” -- Rumi

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  • What is Sufi Prophetic Healing?

    I am often asked:

    What exactly is Sufi Prophetic healing and counseling?

    How is it different from other types of healing?

    And what can it do for me in my life situation today?


    I can completely understand the need to address these questions. Not many people really understand what Sufism is, nor it’s relationship to your own brand of spirituality. Clients ask me how it relates to emotional healing and attaining your long cherished goals and dreams.


    I was fortunate to study under two great mentors: Christian Michelson, for Rapid Results Life Coaching, which has helped my clients get practical help on relationships, personal growth, and career goals.


    And the second was my Sufi guide, Sidi Al Jamal, who passed away a few years ago. Witnessing his immense capacity for love, wisdom, mystical insight and transmission, I discovered that it’s possible to attain high stations, where we can live authentically and powerfully as he did in two realities: the dunya (world) and the Real (the unseen worlds). From this perspective, it’s possible to surmount every obstacle and disease, as one can penetrate the inner reality of the soul and beyond that is really the Divine Source in us. Most other healing modalities work on the angelic realm, but not on this deeper dimension where amazing healing can occur, sometimes instantly. We tap into God; in Sufism we call this Allah. You may know this by other names such as Yeshua, Elohim, Presence, Universal Life Force and more. Also, in both Hindu and Abrahamic lineages, there is the concept of Divine Qualities or aspects of how God is expressed. In Hinduism these are depicted as Gods and Goddesses.


    During a Sufi Prophetic Healing, by invoking the Divine Qualities, such as Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, etc., they act as specific prescriptions for the soul. They are like portals, helping us access the Divine within, to help us discover the underlying roots of pain, wounds, addictive desires. We then uncover the deeper meaning and hidden purpose of transforming these roots of pain into sprouts of growth and the flowering of our potential. The way of the Sufi is not to ignore our psychological needs, but to swan dive into them to discover the gifts awaiting us.


    Here’s what one happy client said after her healing sessions:


    “I came to Elissa in a dire condition stating, on a 1 to 10 scale, I was at a 10 in pain and suffering. After the healing, I didn’t notice much change at first, but then through the week, I noticed I felt lighter, felt less physical pain and more hope. Not having experienced this type of healing, I couldn’t really assess whether or not our healing session made a difference. But looking back, I realized that the Prophetic healing was the only addition to my normal treatment plan. When I came back for my second healing, I now sensed the more subtle levels of the healing and noticed how the Divine Intelligence exactly targets what I need. I ended up buying a package of healings, and this became my way of not only recovering my physical health, but changing my beliefs and habits that led to the cause of my illness.” G.D., Financial Planner, Studio City, CA


    I encourage you to take that leap of faith and book a healing session to experience a deeper sense of your infinite self. The work can feel complete in one session or take several sessions depending on the issues at hand. But each session builds on the last, so that you experience small transformations along the way that add up to big and measurable improvements in your life.


    Salaam alaykum. Peace be with you.


    Elissa Amina


    "Before I came to Amina Elissa, I was confused and devastated from a recent divorce. I had negative voices inside of me that I couldn’t control. I was feeling hopeless. But after doing healings with sister Amina, I started to connect with the Divine Love of God and also to connect to my deeper heart. I now feel so much more hope and can work through my pain. I have learned to do Sufi practices into that pain and negativity to release them. Now I approach my life with more compassion for myself and others. I now studying Sufi healing and exploring higher goals that I used to postpone. I am more content within myself spending time in nature, connecting to the beauty of God’s creation in the birds.” — Sarahi Silva, Business Owner

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